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Almost there!

Last year, Three60 undertook a unique lighting control and audio video project. The task was to install over 150 lighting control devices and a combination of audio/video zones in an 8500 square foot custom log home in beautiful Waiparous, AB.

The largest challenge was managing the square footage of the home, along with the density of materials. Because of the homes overall size and dense wood and concrete construction, careful measures had to be taken to ensure that signals sent from lighting control keypads would be heard in the far reaches of the home. Three60 strategically placed wired Rf repeaters throughout the home, and the result is 1100% overage.

Likewise, a high power Wi-Fi networking solution was installed and configured, utilizing multiple enterprise grade wireless access points to provide full coverage, even on the deck.

The end is near and we have tested all the devices, including 18 motorized shades. Everything is working great. This home is a great example of the advantage the Three60 provides in being able to provide full scale automation in both the electrical and audio/video worlds.

Full gallery to come!

Hockey season is here!

Imagine sitting out in a covered hot tub in the middle of winter, watching your favorite team play on the big screen. That's exactly what one of our customers requested, and we were happy to provide a fully functional solution. A 46" outdoor TV, high quality in-ceiling speakers, control of the LED lighting, and the ability to listen to streaming music or the TV, all controlled from an iPad or iPhone. Take your outdoor entertainment to the next level with Three60!

The Deal with Wi-Fi

We are living in a wireless era. People are more connected than ever, and rely on the internet to accomplish just about anything. With this in mind, it's no secret that everyone wants good wireless connectivity to access services like Netflix, Skype, Facebook, YouTube and more. The reality however, is that most home networks are not adequately set up to handle this demand.

The most common problem we run into is the hardware that you get from your service provider. If you have a large home, or run more network intensive services, then the wireless router included in the modem you get from them won't cut it. You can get around this by using better routers, like our standard favorite, the Asus NT-66U. These are typically fine for homes up to about 2000 square feet.

Pushing past that size, it's time to look at some more "hardcore" technology, where the router is separate from the wireless functionality. We frequently install these solutions in new construction. They are designed to scale up with the size and demands of a project, and provide enterprise grade wireless for rock solid performance.

Whetever your project needs are, Three60 can provide a wireless solution that's just right for you!

Panelized Lighting

Today we're installing some more devices in a dimmer enclosure that we originally set up a few months ago. These new devices will control lights that are located in this home's garage.

Panelized lighting is one of the best ways to reduce wall clutter in your home. Instead of having bulky 2, 3, 4 or even more switches in a box, we can relocate them to a dimming enclosure. Once they are in the enclosure, they talk back to a keypad that takes up just a single switch box. These keypads are programmed with scenes, or a combination of lights that you like to have on together.

Press one button, and your house comes alive with the lights that you like, at just the right level.

Pretty neat!

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